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Healing and Growing

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Bandcake is an unsocial network to the members of #NirvanaNetwork and all the rest believing in creation. Bandcake was made for scientific-educational, medicational, and spiritual development purposes with the goal of healing, renewing, and connecting to our source of light.

Who are you?

Nothing is against you, nothing is personal, nothing is neccesary at this moment, you can support us by giving love to yourself and start from here, within.


Who is Bandcake?

This site is an illusion, but I think you don't need to worry or make problems. All is smooth, fast and guaranteed. Like in the movies. Share your great teachings, experiences, meetings with our crazy complex universe. The idea is to be able to express ourself freely in this world without whatever. No moderations. Cheers!:) Let's keep all clean.

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